GIICOMVEC 2018 As a Business Platform for Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers and it’s Potential Buyers

The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industry (GAIKINDO) will present an exhibition dedicated for commercial vehicle industry, GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2018, a platform to source new products from truck, bus, coach, double cabin, pick up, carroserrie, innovative products and other supporting industries, which will take place from 1 to 4 March 2018, at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Indonesia has high activity in commodity exports, infrastructure development and operational activities process, and its fast growing middle class population is the factors that create strong consumer power and pushes the growth of Indonesian manufacturing industry.

The high demand for both oil and gas and non-oil / gas commodities and infrastructure development activities in Indonesia, has made Indonesia a country with high commercial vehicle mobility, rising from 9% (Gross Vehicle Weight <5 tons) to 103% (GVW > 24 tons). In fact, the number of commercial vehicle sales in Indonesia reached more than 80 thousand units until October 2017.

Yohannes Nangoi, the Chairman of GAIKINDO, believes the Indonesia’s commercial vehicle industry will grow, “We believe that the Indonesian automotive industry in the future will continue to grow and develop. Broad market conditions and regulatory adjustments will provide a positive stimulus. Seeing the size of the market, the Indonesian commercial vehicle sales performance is currently in the range of 80 thousand units per year. This figure can still be developed because the number of industrial growth in Indonesia is predicted to reach 5.4%,” he said. Nangoi explained that the increase comes from the growth of Indonesia’s infrastructure, the improvement of oil and gas industry and non-oil & gas commodities prices, to the rapid growth of industrial estate, which according to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry currently 73 industrial zones have been operating in Indonesia.

In terms of market size, with its rapid growth in various sectors, Indonesia is a very potential market for the commercial vehicle industry. According to the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, several industrial estates in the country are ready for investors and it is supported by facilities such as ports and other infrastructure. The area stretches from Sumatra, Borneo to Sulawesi. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry also stated that from 2017-2020 there are 89 investment projects with value reaching up to 527.5 Trillion IDR.

The improvement of oil and gas and non-oil industry commodities, to the industrial estates, increased demand for commercial vehicles also came from various industries in Indonesia, such as logistics, retail and others. While the growth of the public transport industry, and tourism are also growing demand for buses.

To provide the latest technology and product information from the commercial vehicle industry that meet the market’s demand, GIICOMVEC 2018 will be a platform for commercial vehicle companies to showcase it thus potential buyers will have a chance to review the latest technology and product information from all the well-known brands of commercial vehicle industry at one event.

Rizwan Alamsjah, GAIKINDO’s chairperson and head of GAIKINDO’s exhibition department, said that GIICOMVEC 2018 as a business to business exhibition (B to B) will be the most appropriate platform for the commercial vehicle industry in Indonesia to show its latest development, “GIICOMVEC will be an important event for Indonesia’s commercial vehicle industry. The presence of the latest technology and products from Commercial vehicle brand holders will be the attraction that thousands of potential buyers will be waiting for during the exhibition,” He said. Rizwan also added that GAIKINDO is committed to focus on potential visitors from all over the archipelago. GIICOMVEC 2018 buyers is targeted from various industries from bus, truck, coach, logistics, transportation, construction, oil and gas commodities , mining, livestock, forestry, retail, wholesale and others.

The support from the Indonesian commercial vehicle brand holders is a positive spirit for GAIKINDO to continue preparing for the premier GIICOMVEC 2018. Until November 2017, major brands such as Daihatsu, DFSK, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz Truck, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki, UD Truck, United Tractors, Volvo to Iveco and Maxvel Electric Bus has given their commitment to participate. GICOMVEC 2018 will also be followed by supporting industries, ranging from the caroseries industry; Laksana, Sugity Creatives, and other supporting industries such as Alcoa wheel, Dunlop, Goodyear, Shinmei, and others.


Members of the public and business people with requirements for commercial vehicles can visit  for up-to-date information about GIICOMVEC 2018

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